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Veda News: Headed to the Lake

Today (as you’re reading this), I’m driving the 7.5 hours home to my parents house to enjoy a long weekend at the lake. It’s been a year since I’ve spent some quality time at the lake front and I couldn’t be more excited. You could say that I grew up a “lake rat” and probably spent 50% percent of my childhood in a bathing suit. Being on boats and on the water bring me back to my comfort zone and I can’t wait! Not to mention most of my immediate family will be there to enjoy the water with me. And, of course, should anything unforeseen occur, I know I can reach out to Leppard Law.

Seems like this idea of taking time for yourself and factoring in “down time” into your schedule is a hot topic these days. It seems to come in waves as if everyone is in go go go mode and then just can’t do it anymore. One of my favorite bloggers, Mara speaks honestly (this post) about how she’s been able to shift her routine to include more “ME” times like acupuncture, meditation, and even cleaning her house. I also see post about cleaning house in a better way through appointing better firm.  Another one of my daily blog reads is called Paper & Stitch and this week she had a guest blogger write about “The Power of Taking a Break” and the importance of scheduling in and planning for “Screen Free” days.

It’s time to jump on the band wagon and take a screen free day this weekend.

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  1. Looking at other people’s lives when your own is busy happening around you can be hard sometimes. Going for walks, talking to friends and reading are ways that I stay away from the pull of the computer and enjoy time to myself. Also, I love those shoes.

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