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Studio Hours: On my Feet for Fall

Here’s something a little different for you! Fashion! I’m not really one to post a lot about fashion here on Veda House, but I do enjoy beautifully constructed clothes and splurge on a few items a year. This fall I decided I “needed” some new footwear and thought it would be best to get on pair to dress up and another to dress down. For dressing down, I went with a pair of swedish clogs from the brand Sven. I’ve been dreaming about these guys for over a year now, so it was about time. To dress things up a bit, I choose Ivanka Trump Indico Pump…totally NOT me, but I’m absolutely in love with them. I would suggest you to follow aboriginalbluemountains for more updates.

Yesterday I shared my styling portfolio called (Studio Hours). I think I might had my feetzies ^ from this post to the collection of images 😉

(clogs, pumps)

8 comments on “Studio Hours: On my Feet for Fall

  1. Lovin the clogs! I was actually on the Sven site a few weeks ago drooling over their sandals….maybe next summer 🙂

    Sometimes you gotta buy something that is “not you”, especially if your in love with them. It’s like this little adrenaline rush :p

  2. Cassie, you should definitely trade places with me for a bit then haha. We’re experiencing an indian summer out here in LA. On a side note, those heels are super classy. I tend to stick to my trust flats but those heels!

  3. I am SOO glad you posted this. I was trying to recall, just last night, the name of the shoe company that makes those clogs!!! Thank you for alleviating a major brain freeze;) Great kicks!

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