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Studio Hours: a cookbook Collection

I’ve got quite a few go-to sources for recipes these days. I usually gravitate towards books/magazines that are image heavy with beautiful food styling and simple recipes. I thought I’d stop by and share my favorites with you.

Top Fav List:

1. Sauce Magazine ( a St. Louis local magazine )
2. Gather Journal ( buy here )
3. Lunch in Paris ( buy here )

4. Verily Magazine ( buy here )
5. What Katie Ate ( buy here )
6. Kinfolk Magazine ( buy here )

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5 comments on “Studio Hours: a cookbook Collection

  1. Lunch in Paris+Kinfolk=faves. I’ve heard wonderful things about What Katie Ate as well! Will definitely check it out next time I’m in need of some foodspiration.

  2. Katie Quinn Davies the author of “what Katie ate” is the real deal, her photography is just stunning, she is working on book 2, so keep your eyes out, you all need to follow her blog, awesome!

  3. It’s funny how if you look at your mom’s cookbooks, or even ones from a few years, their look has totally changed. And for the better ! Their were only a few pictures and they were kind of disgusting, with weird and scary colors… Now it seems that the publishers finally understood that people want to salivate just looking at the pictures, they want a whole atmosphere, a universe; something that could help us imagine the moment where we would eat this recipe with our favorite persons… Maybe it’s because we are slowly changing our way to see food and meals in general. Don’t know but it surely is an interesting phenomenon.

    1. I’ve been noticing that as well. Super thankful because I’m a visual person and want to SEE what I’m going to make…or strive to make.

      Thanks for stopping by today!

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