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Veda News: I'm boycotting fall…again

Today’s post is about how I’m boycotting Fall/cold weather again. I do this every year and I feel like the boycotting gets more intense each year. I’m pretty sure this is the Universe’s way of telling me I need to fly south (for the whole year).

I took these photos a little while ago, but they make me think of one of my favorite parts of summer, wildflowers!  I’m a real sucker for hand-picked flowers and try to keep as many flowers as I can, all summer long. Now that I’m seeing the leaves change and fall, these photos take me back to my happy place. haha

Am I the only one still hanging onto the idea of having the windows open, picnics in the park, BBQ, summer music festivals, barefeet and lazy days out on a boat? Ahhhh….come back!

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(more studio photos)

15 comments on “Veda News: I'm boycotting fall…again

  1. Oh, girl, I feel you on this one. I’m in San Francisco and October is our warmest month, so I’ve been in perpetual delusion that summer is still here.

    Love those wildflowers!

  2. I’m with you on this one. Luckily Vancouver has been surprisingly non rainy the past few weeks. Instead there’s been fog + clear blue skies. Sure, it’s been cold, but the blue skies help me hold on for summer just that tiny bit longer.
    I live in a beautiful city but longer (way longer) summers wouldn’t hurt anyone 🙂

  3. Well you’d love it here. The weatherman just squealed in joy yesterday over experiencing a low of 59 tomorrow and a high of 77. He think it’s getting chilly! Sigh, I love fall lol so I’m no help. I wish I was back in Atlanta where we had four seasons. 🙁 Lovely wildflowers!

  4. I totally feel you on this one! I was raised in California where I could hang on to parts of summer all year round, but now I live in Tennessee with my husband where it gets considerably colder. What was I thinking?! haha.

  5. This post made me laugh. I am definitely trying to embrace Fall and 90% of the bloggers am I following are screaming about pumpkin spice–I will admit I do like a good pumpkin spice coffee… It really is a beautiful time of year where I am at but now that the leaves are gone I am ready for summer again. Give me back my flip flops and shorts!

    Those flowers are beautiful! 🙂

  6. LOL! I come from an island where it’s practically the perfect summer all year round – which is awesome!! But moving to the mainland has made me loooove Fall!! So although I miss summer too, NYC summers are just way too out of control hot. So the coolness of Fall has been inviting 🙂

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