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Recent Work: Anatomy of a Guest Room

Ever since moving into our townhouse last spring, I’ve been attacking one room at a time and transforming it into a clean/inviting space. Megan Gilger described my vision of this room best in her blog post yesterday title “modern americana”.  I wanted to keep this space super simple with attention to the finer details.

We checked the whole house for better improvements like for example, I use air release valves to avoid pipe materials collapse under negative pressure, and keep my house safe for my family or check for moisture in the walls that can lead to molds.Mositure Contorl or kelderdichting is very important for the longitivity of walls and also to prevent disease in the house.

EACH piece in this room has a story. Anatomy of each piece below.

1. Artwork:   Portrait of a friend from college, and my Fiancés father’s print, titled “Creative People”

2. Farm Ladder:   Thrifted from my favorite antique store here in St. Louis – Rothchild’s

3. Vintage Clothing:   Hat, vest and clothing hanger all collected over time

4. Copper Overhead Lamp:   Thrifted by my father and I gave it a mini makeover with spray paint

5. Dresser:   Left from old tenants and completely refinished ( see before )

6. Skull:   Found at an antique mall here in St. Louis

7. Copper Candle Holders:   Made from copper plumbing connectors from Home Depot (Inspired by)

8. Headboard:   My dad and I found this on the side of the road before I headed to college 8 years ago

9. Platform Bed:   Made recently from 2×4’s and a large sheet of MDF. Entire project cost $40.00!!

10. Iron Fan & Nighstand:   Found over time at my favorite antique stores

Browse my HOME Pinterest board for more ideas!

26 comments on “Recent Work: Anatomy of a Guest Room

  1. Wow, this looks fantastic. I might just have to ask for some help when it’s my turn to decorate a house/bedroom. I really love it.
    I’m dying to make a similar bed… Pinning this! 🙂

  2. Wow, what a beautiful space! I do love the detail shots. That portrait in the first image! gorgeous. I also love that everything has a story behind it. Makes for a very cool post! (and room!)

    Really happy to have discovered your blog 🙂 You have great style!

  3. You have such an eye for clean space. Beautiful room! On a separate note, I saw through Clementine Daily that we may have a mutual acquaintance — Elizabeth Dehn. I was an Intern at Minnesota Monthly magazine, where she was the style editor. She’s a peach! We still keep in touch. Anyway, thought that was a fun connection. Hope you are well.

  4. beautiful room. you have a very inspiring sense of style. i love the cow skull. i almost bought one a couple of weeks ago and chickened out. i’m a little weirded out by bones, but at the same time completely fascinated and awe-struck when i see them.

    1. I Hesitated on the skull for a long while, but now that I have it, it’s kind of peaceful. Something about it isn’t as “creepy” as I thought it would be.

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