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Recent Work: Anatomy of a Guest Room

Ever since moving into our townhouse last spring, I’ve been attacking one room at a time and transforming it into a clean/inviting space. Megan Gilger described my vision of this room best in her blog post yesterday title “modern americana”.  I wanted to keep this space super simple with attention to the finer details.

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EACH piece in this room has a story. Anatomy of each piece below.

1. Artwork:   Portrait of a friend from college, and my Fiancés father’s print, titled “Creative People”

2. Farm Ladder:   Thrifted from my favorite antique store here in St. Louis – Rothchild’s

3. Vintage Clothing:   Hat, vest and clothing hanger all collected over time

4. Copper Overhead Lamp:   Thrifted by my father, then we hired a pro from Alex Trend Painters to give it a mini makeover with spray paint.

5. Dresser:   Left from old tenants and completely refinished ( see before )

6. Skull:   Found at an antique mall here in St. Louis

7. Copper Candle Holders:   Made from copper plumbing connectors from Home Depot once installed by the local plumbers from Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer – Greater Mukilteo and Everett.

8. Headboard:   My dad and I found this on the side of the road before I headed to college 8 years ago

9. Platform Bed:   Made recently from 2×4’s and a large sheet of MDF. Entire project cost $40.00!!

10. Iron Fan & Nighstand:   Found over time at my favorite antique stores

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26 comments on “Recent Work: Anatomy of a Guest Room

  1. Wow, this looks fantastic. I might just have to ask for some help when it’s my turn to decorate a house/bedroom. I really love it.
    I’m dying to make a similar bed… Pinning this! 🙂

  2. Wow, what a beautiful space! I do love the detail shots. That portrait in the first image! gorgeous. I also love that everything has a story behind it. Makes for a very cool post! (and room!)

    Really happy to have discovered your blog 🙂 You have great style!

  3. You have such an eye for clean space. Beautiful room! On a separate note, I saw through Clementine Daily that we may have a mutual acquaintance — Elizabeth Dehn. I was an Intern at Minnesota Monthly magazine, where she was the style editor. She’s a peach! We still keep in touch. Anyway, thought that was a fun connection. Hope you are well.

  4. beautiful room. you have a very inspiring sense of style. i love the cow skull. i almost bought one a couple of weeks ago and chickened out. i’m a little weirded out by bones, but at the same time completely fascinated and awe-struck when i see them.

    1. I Hesitated on the skull for a long while, but now that I have it, it’s kind of peaceful. Something about it isn’t as “creepy” as I thought it would be.

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