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Recent Work: Veda House Postcards

Hi everyone! I have a fun thing to share with you today. A few months back, when Artifact Uprising launched their postcard packs, I jumped in. These beauties are made are really high quality paper and come ready for you to write a little note (add a stamp) and send off. You have the option to upload up to 20 different photos through a really simple seamless online form. Definitely give it a try!

I’ll be using my branded postcards to send little notes off to new clients or when I want to connect with past clients. I hope that receiving something unique in the mail will put a smile of the face of anyone who picks them up.

Have you guys used Artifact Uprising before? Recommend any other products by them?

18 comments on “Recent Work: Veda House Postcards

  1. I’ve been looking for two weeks for a good way to print my Christmas Cards. I wanted a nice, not too white paper. Anyway, I never found the right fit and ended up printing everything one by one, by hand, cutting the paper to the right size and everything getting stuck every two seconds in the printer … At the end, I’m very happy about how it turned out, but it was a lot of time and energy invested in Christmas cards… So thank you for the tip, I never heard of this company but I’m sure gonna try it for my next cards (Valentine’s day ?)

    1. You might want to try companies like Minted and Moo as well. All produce really great prints with lots of different options to chose from!

  2. I’ve been eyeing the postcard set myself, probably my favourite of their products. I just got a little 5×5 instagram book done as a holiday gift but have not received it yet

  3. How neat! I’m planning on connecting with my clients offline next year, and this would be the perfect way to do just that! Definitely going to check them out! Thanks for sharing, Cas! 🙂

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