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Notable No. 37

Hi guys! This is the first Notables post of 2014 and I’m pretty excited to share with you what I’ve found interesting over the past couple weeks. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!
The boy and I are in full swing wedding planning mode and spent a good deal of time planning a wedding playlist. Such a tough job!

Notables This Week :

1. Love the use of this small space
2. A new-to-me blog, 70Percentpure
3. A unique apartment in Stockholm
4. AP Cafe in Bushwick, Brooklyn
5. Beautifully put together home in Melbourne

6. Love everything about this little bathroom
7. Styling work by Daniella Witte
8. This minimal fireplace
9. This really beautiful Swedish home

9 comments on “Notable No. 37

  1. This very white apartment is so perfect. The light is amazing. And after all it is the very most important point of a living space.
    And that piece of wood, oh lord, I want to learn how to use a wood machine just to be able to build myself some amazing piece like this one ! (and a desk …I need a desk !)

    1. Haha. I’m right there with you. I need to learn more about woodworking so I can have beautiful wooden pieces without the outrageous cost usually associated with those times 🙂

  2. What’s up with Swedish and their awesome taste for home decor? It’s like Portland and Hipsters, they just go so well together…
    I didn’t know the AP Café in Brooklyn. But have already googled it and bookmarked it! =) Thanks for sharing! Oh, and the 70Percent blog looks great!

  3. thanks so much for mentioning my blog, cassie! that was super sweet of you. i’m honored to be among such beautiful inspirations, and obsessed with that ap café now!

  4. such an inspirational roundup! I love the tiny Stockholm apartment, it feels so bright and airy – and – Daniella Witte’s styling skills are pretty fantastic too. Thank you for sharing. x

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