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Notable No. 38

What a week! I hope you all had a successful week and that you now have some fun things planned for this weekend. This week was a really funky one for me. My fiancé has started working from home full-time (more on that later), so my routine is a bit off. Good news is I’ve added two new great clients to my spring lineup and wedding planning is moving along smoothly. I think the boy and I are going to go see HER tonight, so I’m pretty excited!

Notables This Week :

1. One of my favorite makers & her blog 
2. The artwork in this california home!
3. In love with all the lighting via onefortythree
4. Interior stylist Danielle Witte has a new blog1
5. Some beautiful images of South Africa

6. This bedroom is filled with light and awesomeness
7. This patio is calling my name!
8. Love the mix of traditional and industrial
9. Great article on propagating succulents

6 comments on “Notable No. 38

  1. lovely spaces! i remember seeing that place at pic num.6 and I love it, but the best thing were those ladders, i love them, specially because I need one for my pantry

  2. The colors in this post are so Spring-like and serene. Instantly brightened my morning 🙂 Hope all is well! Looking forward to catching up on your blog.

  3. I wouldn’t mind spending my day on this patio too. Working – a bit- , day dreaming – a lot-, drinking iced tea and eating cake -like crazy.
    I’m sick and it’s cold, I envy people in LA who complain about their weather, which is too summery for them. Arg.

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