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Veda News: Hello & Brrrr!

Hi Guys! Wow, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve visited this space. The last 2 weeks of unplugging was exactly what I needed to do to transition into the new year. During my time “off”, I thought I’d have all these ideas swirling around my head about what I’d want to come back and blog about, but honestly…my mind never wondered in that direction. This was my indication that taking a break was way over due. I hope you all were able to unplug at some point during the holidays.

Now that I’m back, I’ve been a busy bee planning an exciting start to the new year. Later today I have a wonderful giveaway lined up with Diario Shop (some lovely home goods). Later in the week there will be  a look back at my favorite posts of 2013, a little chit chat about what freelance life means to me these days, and even a little sneak peek at some of my recent work with The Design Confidential.

Now that I’m here and jabbering away…let’s talk about the weather for a second.

As I write this, I’m wrapped in my warmest wooly clothes, space heater blasting at my face, a hot water bottle on my lap, and a heating pad wrapped around my shoulders. We have a wind chill of  -21 degrees here in St. Louis today (w/ 11 inches of snow) and my body is revolting this nonsense. Not to mention, our super old (but very charming) home has crappy windows and I feel like there are 30 mile an hour winds in my house. I’m going to go hibernate for a little while and I’ll be back later today with a great giveaway!

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  1. It’s so cold here in Northwest Arkansas too. Welcome back to the “real” world! Breaks are good, but I definitely missed seeing your lovely posts in my feed.

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