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Worn. 01

Hello there! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 Sharing something new to switch things up a bit. In an effort to get a little more personal on the blog these days, this is the first post of a new series here on Veda House called WORN. I’m not a gal that’s big into fashion or even really keeps up with clothing trends, but I do appreciate a wardrobe that has personality…and a few great pairs of boots 😉


Worn / Sanctuary Clothing knit top, Flats by Coupleof, Khaki Skinnies by Gap, concrete cube necklace
by Maple + Mauve, ring and bangle – vintage

Currently, my wardrobe is being streamlined to best reflect my current style. Out with the old and unworn, and in with a few new staples pieces. I’d love to think my wardrobe fits my minimalist ways, but in all honesty it doesn’t. I like variety as much as I like simplicity, and I think my closet reflects that. I have a good mix of high quality items, but also a good mix of those “on a whim” purchases that I just couldn’t resist. It’s simple in it’s color palette, but varied in textures, materials and accessories.

I would love to be one of those gals that sells everything and starts over from scratch with pricey items that will last decades, but I know that once I do that…my “style” will shift and those items will move to the back of the closet once again. I do however treasure those quality hand-made items or those unique unexpected items, so I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites along the way. I might also share a few put together pieces from my mister’s wardrobe. He’s got a boot collection that is quickly out growing mine, so this should be interesting!


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  1. I feel exactly the same.There is a huge trend over the blogging world right now, everything is about getting rib of 90% of your closet and invest in key pieces. Which looks very nice written down, but it would so NOT work in my case. I feel that my style is constantly shifting. I mean it also completely depends on my mood. I can feel extremely boho one day, and want to feel sexy an other one, or toyboy an other. So, yes, sometime, when I see some pieces in my closet I’m like : ” what is thaaat ?” but then I end up wearing it the next month. hah. Maybe I should work on that. 🙂

    1. So excited to have you as a new follower. I’ve admired your worked, read your blogged and repined your images for so long now. Your work is truly an inspiration 🙂 welcome!

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