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Worn .02

Hi folks! Changing things up a bit again over here today. This is the second “Worn” post and I wanted to introduce the mister into the mix. I’ve got a brand collaboration coming up soon and he’ll be a part of that as well. So, in spirit of being newlyweds in less than 3 months, here’s a glimpse at Jake’s side of the closet.

He’s definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but has got quite the obsession with shoes, particularly boots. We were doing a little spring cleaning in our closets last night and it’s confirmed…he has more clothes and shoes that I do! Do your significant other’s have a go-to item?


Worn / T-shirt from Iron & Resin, Standard Cloth denim
Clark’s Desert Boots in Beeswax, horse hair boot brush from Ralyn, Military watch via Marathon


( Worn 01 )

20 comments on “Worn .02

  1. I’m finding that boots are also my go-to! They’re comfy and can be dressed up or down. I have a few tall boots but have been on the look out for some short booties. Enjoying this column! xx

    1. I love how you said..”and boats shoes”…and…and… My guy is the same way. He likes it all even though he says he’s simple. Men!

    1. Hey there! Definitely agree with your Clarks statement. He wears them with EVERYTHING. Dress them up and down.

      The bench was actually hand made from a reclaimed pieces of wood in a local St. Louis warehouse. I bought the legs from

  2. My boyfriend and I did the same thing. Big spring clean through the wardrobes and discovered he’s got almost twice the amount of clothes and shoes as me!

    1. Haha. He’s lucky i’m obsessed with boots too! I buy a variety of styles though. I feel like he buys the same brown boot over and over. haha

  3. ooh, love this guy edition! travis is all about tshirts and jeans most of the time, too, but i’m always pleasantly surprised when he dresses up a bit. his staple item is usually a vintage short sleeve button up (most of his are from his grandfather’s closet!) i love searching for more to add to his collection when i’m thrifting, almost more than i like shopping for myself 🙂

    1. Love it. Jake got on a kick last summer and was buying vintage short sleeved hawaiian print button ups. It got a little out of control. haha. Glad you like the guy edition 🙂

  4. I think your man and mine have the exact same style 🙂
    Ps, girl I hope we get to meet someday and work together. Your style is pure perfection!
    Let me know if you are ever in Seattle. Where do you live?
    xo Moorea

    1. Hi Moorea! So good to hear from you. Would definitely love to collaborate and work together! Love what you’ve been up to lately and BIG congrats on the store front.

      I’m currently living in St. Louis 🙂

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