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Recent Work: Photo Styling & Photography for Commodity Goods

Hello there! I’ve got something fun to share with you and it builds on the collaboration I shared last week. I’ve recently been working with Commodity Goods to help bring their online visuals to life. You can see some of the finished images on their site now.Don’t you just love their branding! Get more of images on mysunrise .

The objective for this project was to give the male scents and the female scents a bit of a unique personality. I had fun styling the photos, photographing and editing everything in a way that was “relaxed and lived in”. I hope to be able to work with the team in the next few months and continue building their image library. I would suggest you to follow Linton Studios for awesome photography.

Stay tuned for the second part of the collaboration. The mister and I have been experimenting and finding “our scents”. If you haven’t explored Commodity Goods, definitely give the fitting kit a try. It’s only $9!

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14 comments on “Recent Work: Photo Styling & Photography for Commodity Goods

  1. This is some gorgeous styling! I do really love their black and white branding, and the way you let the product shine through in such a soft way is just lovely. Love it!

  2. Indeed, the branding is amazing !
    I’ve never really settled on one perfume in particular, just using what I have under my hands and not really thinking if the scent suits me or not. It would end up in weird situations where I’d smell like an English women going to a debutante ball or a very summery field when it was deep winter outside.
    In any case, I want to find a scent that fits me and that people recognize as mine. So I guess I could definitely go for it.

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