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In Collaboration W. Rose & Fitzgerald

Hi Lovelies!

Today’s a great day and I have a really amazing brand to share with you. Wahoo! If you’ve been following along, a few weeks ago (while away getting hitched) I posted about some jewelry from the brand Rose & Fitzgerald. <— read it here if you missed it. The ring and bangle from the summer collection has quickly become a everyday staple in my wardrobe. Thanks Courtney for passing it my way!

R&F doesn’t only create jewelry pieces, but some really great conversation starters for your home. This White Dipped Wine Holder and these extremely beautiful Cow Horn Tumblers (ethically sourced of course) are the perfect patio party gift for the host. I use my wine holder both “upside down” and upright, which is kind of fun to play around with.

Here’s the best part. Both items are made brought to your home right from the source in Uganda! The tumblers are created from an Ankole cattle horn and the wine holder from Ugandan-sourced Mugavu wood. Since each piece is hand-crafted, all items are slightly different and one-of-a kind pieces.

Thanks R&F for giving me the chance to experience some finely crafted items from a far away place.

( Shop Rose & Fitzgerald )

*p.s I love the light in our new house. Many more photos to come 🙂

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  1. Very good photo styling and product shots on the Rose & Fitzsgerald website. Quite cool to be part of this company that has sourced goods from other regions, feels like they are on the right track..

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