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Veda News: A few snapshots from the wedding day

As some of you know with weddings, you have to pick your battles and spend your money wisely. You usually choose a few things to splurge on and others to pass up. For Jake and I, the photography and capturing the day in a still photo was very high on our priority list. We wanted our special day to be captured in a way that felt organic and authentic to the people we had attending. Neither of us are the best in front of a camera, so choosing the right photographer and wedding event videography service was key to everything.

I immediately chose Olivia Rae James as our photographer. I have followed her work, celebrated from afar from her career success and couldn’t have imaged a better suited asset to our wedding. Her style is very iconic in the way she captures people and events in a very “I’m not even here, don’t look at the camera” kind of way. Not to mention, she is one of the absolute sweetest souls I have ever met or gotten to work with. Gahh…she’s a keeper.

We have only seen a handful of sneak peeks from the weddings, so until we get the full collection in our hands, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite black and whites. There are MANY more to come, but I hope these will tide you over in the meantime.

<div class=”footnote”> * All black and white portraits by Olivia Rae James.  All plant/ texture photos by Veda House.</div>

12 comments on “Veda News: A few snapshots from the wedding day

  1. These photos are beautiful Cassie, and your dress is absolutely stunning! Congratulations! I’ve always admired Olivia Rae James’ photography – seriously gorgeous!

  2. so so sweet cassie! i really can’t say it enough — i adore you two, and your wedding was hands down one of the most special days i’ve ever witnessed! thank you thank you thank you for having melissa and i there. xx

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