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Freelance Journey: Noteworthy Podcasts

Podcasts. When I talk to people I either hear that they love them or hate them. I personally love podcasts and seem to gain really helpful insights every time I listen to them. Here are a few noteworthy ones I’ve enjoyed these past few months.

Erin Loechner (of Clementine Daily) on the Lively Show: My favorite aspect of this chat was hearing about how Erin was able to completely restructure her workday to accommodate the family life she wanted. She also talks a lot about you can slowly alter your mindset to appreciate the ‘everyday” and how to NOT get wrapped up in all the inspiration that’s swirling around the Internet. It’s OK to not have everything 😉 Listen here

Kate Arends (of Wit & Delight) on Minnesota Minds: The best part about this chat was the whole aspect of blogging and creating with honesty as your inspiration. It was nice to hear about how blogging has evolved for Kate over the years and how that evolution is welcomed. Listen here

Joy Cho (of Oh Joy) speaks at Alt Summit: Wow! This lady is one powerhouse with an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. I loved hearing about how she got her start in the creative industry and how she pulled a lot of her inspiration from her parents and childhood. Listen here

If you love podcasts as much as I do, here are a few more favorite I’ve shared in the past. Megan Gilger talks about how your story is valuable. Lynn Casper talks about being producers of content and Angela Lee talks about the importance of having grit.

11 comments on “Freelance Journey: Noteworthy Podcasts

  1. Thanks for highlighting specific episodes, rather than the podcast as a whole. I’m a podcast addict, so I appreciate that you’re sending us right to the good stuff. If I find a new show I think I might be interested in, I usually spend too long weeding through random episodes to decide if I really love it. Way to cut to the chase 🙂

  2. Not technically a podcast, but I love listening to BBC Radio 2 & 4.
    There are such funny shows, like Quote…Unquote. Or 2 hours of amazing old schooly music with Lisa Tarbuck.

  3. Perfect! I can’t wait to dive into these! I also highly recommend the After The Jump podcast (from design*sponge). She did episodes on intention and living at a pace that’s “real” earlier in the year and they’re so on point.

  4. I’ve never listened to podcasts before, though I’ve heard of them, but I didn’t know how to go about it or where to start, so thanks for this! And to have the first podcasts I listen to be about entrepreneurship and blogging is really exciting! -Audrey

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