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Studio Hours: Bits of Randomness

Hi Guys! We’ve made it to another “hump day” and I couldn’t me more excited. Is it just me, or do you always picture a camel yelling “hump day” every time we get to the middle of the week? Ok…just me.

Whew! The beginning of this week was a mental roller coaster for me as I impatiently waited to see if I’d landed some cool projects for the new year. Thankfully, the answer is yes! I’ll be able to share more later, but in the season of being thankful…I’m super thankful.

While my mind has been whirling around with maybes and maybe nots, I’ve been knocking out lots of client work to keep myself distracted (aka…I’ve been glued to my computer screen). I’ve also been shooting bits and bobs for different projects, so the opportunity to step away from the computer and photograph has been a welcomed change of scenery for my eyeballs. For those of you who enjoyed my last random image post, this one’s for you!

Photos were taken during different work days, capturing the mini messes that happen during the work week. I’m a fan of pretty messes.



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