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Veda News: Get to Know Me

Today I’m going to do something a little different than what you usually read here on The Veda House. Over the past week, I’ve been super invested in an e-course developed by Kathleen of Kathleen & Jeremy / Braid Creative. This e-course has challenged me to really sit down and make some decisions about my personal brand and how to bring my personal brand to life in my profession. I’m going to do a full reviewing the course next week, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a discovery I’ve uncovered while taking the course.

I was tasked to pretend I was hosting a dinner party and I was able to invite 6 people/personalities. Each attendee was supposed to represent an aspect of myself. I was challenged to define their names, expertise, core values, personality traits,pieces of advice, and even their favorite topics of conversation.

After two days of contemplating my guest list, this is what I came up with…

Guest 1: The Maker
She’s a weekend warehouse picker who makes furniture, hand prints fabrics and makes natural home fragrances on her stovetop.

Guest 2: The Detailed-oriented Designer
She’s an extremely organized graphic designer who designs with attention to fine details and has a minimalistic aesthetic.

Guest 3: The Bohemian Gardener
She’s a “figure-it-out-as-you-go” gardener who successfully grows succulents, wears sundresses, regularly visits the farmer’s market, keeps bouquets of flowers in her house, makes dreamcatchers, has a small plot of land at the city garden, and has a crystal collection.

Guest 4: The Quiet Observer
She’s a sit back and soak it all type of chick who is always wanting to learn new things.

Guest 5: The Visual Storytelling Stylist
She’s an obsessive documentor and curious curator who strives to freeze every beautiful moment with her camera lens, constantly creating romantic vignettes to drool over.

Guest 6: The Storm Chaser
She’s an adventure seeking gal who prefers to be out in nature or surrounded by water…who also rides a motorcycle.

I’m curious. Who would you like to learn more about?

Sound interesting? Wanna participate in this exercise (developed by Braid Creative) among many more, please stop by Kathleen’s blog and sign up for her next course.

16 comments on “Veda News: Get to Know Me

  1. This is really interesting. I would have never thought of dividing all the different parts of myself and thinking of them as different people. It’s funny how seemingly opposite personality traits like “the storm chaser” and “the quiet observer” coexist inside most people. Great post. All your “guests” sound like people I’d love to meet 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paola! I had a lot of fun trying to put a name and personality to all my inner personalities. It was really tricky to do because I do have some conflicting personalities within myself, which has ultimately made it quite difficult to brand my business.

      I give 100% of the credit of that exercise to Kathleen. You should check her out. She knows her stuff!

  2. I love this idea! I may need to sit down and think about it for myself too.
    I want to meet guest 3, the bohemian designer but I think I would have an instant connection to guest 2 and 5, the visual storyteller stylist and the detail-oriented designer. Those are the instant-bff-people.
    And if I myself was one of your guests I may very well even be number 4 🙂
    It’s fun to see how through these exercises you can really relate to many different people in very very different ways.
    I work a lot with my boyfriend, I think it would be fun if the two of us did our own and then compared them to see the difference/similarities, what goes nicely together and where heads may bump.
    I look forward to your summary of the course, I’ve been eying their cream-catcher-client one.

    1. Alicia,
      Please take the dream customer catching course and report back. I wish I could take that one too. I’m just blown away with how simple the courses are and how kathleen asks questions…she gets you really thinking.

    2. That is so great to hear, I really would love to take the dream-client one. I don’t think I can take it during the next session as I have other commitments at that time but I will totally keep my eyes open.
      I am currently taking a few continuing studies classes at a local college about marketing and web stuff and it’s been great!
      I need to make more time for blogging as I would love to blog about all the awesome things I’ve been learning.

  3. Such an interesting take. i’ve never thought about separating out my different attributes into personas. Like paola said, you never realize how many conflicting ‘people’ we have inside us until you do this exercise.

    I did one myself just to see what i would discover. such a wonderful exercise.

  4. It’s so fun reading all your dinner guests! All very rad people I’d love to sit down at a meal with.

    One fun thing to do with this exercise is start bringing some of those guests to unexpected places. For example, what if The Maker or The Boho Gardener was speaking to one of your design clients about the creative process. Or what kind of advice would the designer give to The Storm Chaser about capturing her adventures?

    We’re so glad to have had you in our Braid ECourse Cassie!

  5. Wow, this is a little bit to get my mind around! I’ve always felt like I’m not just one person (in the non-crazy way) like I’ve got a hippie, a fashionista, a lawyer and a scientist all in me. This is such an amazing way to understand how they all work together!

  6. This is super interesting! I loved how I could imagine every single person in their own space when reading your descriptions. You really made them come to life!
    All of us must have a lot of personalities living within us – I’ve been finding it so hard recently to come to terms with this, and to figure out how I can satisfy all of those personalities with what I do. I still haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t you feel like you want to please all of them, but there’s just no profession that will make them all equally happy?!
    Does the course help you figure out where to go with your life? Obviously it will help you figure out where to go with your business, but is that assuming you already know what profession you’re working in (e.g. designer, photographer, etc.)? Or will it be helpful in finding out which career to pursue?
    I hope I don’t sound too confusing. 😉 x

    1. Hey Helena,
      Thanks for stopping by. It’s a really interesting exercise isn’t it? The course is aimed towards those wanting to learn how to meld the personal with the professional to create a more cohesive brand. I think it would also benefit someone who’s not sure what path to take because Kathleen asks a lot of amazing questions that ultimately get you thinking about your work/life balance and what aspects of each you’d like to thrive. It won’t tell you exactly what path to take, but you’ll definitely spent a good amount of time thinking inward and making some decisions about yourself.

      I took the course because I was realizing that my professional and personal lives commonly overlap and I wasn’t sure how to turn those aspects into a brand for myself. I was confused about which pieces of my personal life would benefit my professional and vice versa. If you’re struggling just sorting everything out, I guarantee you that you’d walk away from the course learning something about yourself…which can only help, right?

      Thanks again for joining in on the conversation 🙂

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