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Minimal Seasonal Decorating with Eucalyptus

I’m not one to decorate my home with gaudy over the top Christmas decorations in your traditional red and green color palette. I tend to lean my decorations more towards neutrals with a pop of minty green eucalyptus, something that can go all winter season long. Shocker…I know! There is really nothing better than the smell of a eucalyptus, so why not sprinkle bits and pieces of it EVERYWHERE!

This is the first Christmas that I will be traveling over the holidays (we leave Friday!!!), so new traditions are being made. My husband and I will be flying back home to Indiana to spend some time with family and then making our way up to Breckenridge, Colorado to welcome in the New Year with friends. It’s going to be busy with a capital “B”, but we couldn’t be more excited. We haven’t really seen family since the wedding back in May!

Who else is counting down the days?

OUR 50’S EICHLER – Super Simple Guest Room

As promised, I’m back today to share a few photos from our makeshift guest room. This room is 1 of our 3 bedrooms in this house and it’s itty bitty. Because the bedrooms are so small its really important to keep them clutter free and to practice the art of restraint. I’ll be honest and say that pulling this room together hasn’t been on my priority list and it’s currently filled with the “leftover” furniture. If you’re in your 20’s you can probably relate to having a mix of college student furniture and your first “adult” quality purchases. Our previous guest rooms have been know as the place where college furniture goes to die.

When we moved into this new house back in June, I was determined to leave all the cheaper furniture in St. Louis and live with skimpy rooms here in Denver until we have the budget to afford nice pieces. The furniture in the room is  a collection of items never really extended to be in the guest room, but I think it’s working. Mosts importantly, we can currently have one house guest for those of you passing through. We’ll be upgrading to a queen bed soon so we can have some of our favorite couples come stay with us!

My tips and suggestions for renters and home owners after the jump!

Studio Hours: The start of a bedroom Makeover

One room at a time, I’ve been making way through the house – redecorating this and that. I’ve finally made it to the bedroom, which has ironically been the most neglected room of the house. I’m still trying to wrap up the details, get a few additional artwork pieces framed, a DIY here and there, and then I’ll be ready to share the whole room.

Until then, I wanted to share this amazing print I just bought from West Elm. This Highland Cow print is in collaboration with and I couldn’t be happier with the character this piece brings to the room. I’ve also got my eye on this double exposure Diptych of the dessert.

Another piece I’ve collected is this amazing handmade pillow from Scout & Whistle. I look forward to pulling the finishing touches together!

Happy almost Friday!!


A Happy Place in all white

I know this home interior has been flying around the digital world like hot pancakes, but I just had to repost. One of my favorite home design inspiration sites is Fantastic Frank (based out of Stockholm). No matter what apartment is being listed, the spaces are shown beautifully as if they are currently being lived in. This particular space makes me really happy. The lighting alone has me sold and that kitchen!!! Love it all.

See more photos here.
Originally seen via The Design Attractor.

Beam & Anchor

Beam & Anchor is a new shop that just recently opened up in Portland, Oregon. I was introduced to the shop by Jen of Honey Kennedy. After looking at the website, I realized that the shop had brought together some of my favorite existing shops (ex: Maak Soap Lab & Spartan Shop) to make one really fabulous shop. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to have the job title of “Soaper” and “Apothecary Crafter”? Love it!

Stop by the website to see more people involved and some more shop photos.

When Two Becomes One

I just love this home…even the story that comes along with it. The homeowners (one works and marketing and the other at H&M Home!) originally bought two worn out apartments and combined them to create one modern family home. The house covers two whole floors, lets in lots of natural light and is filled with flea market finds (the best in my opinion). The images above are just some of my favorites.

Continue reading and see more photos–>

In Their Home // Elisabeth Heier

I’m really excited to share with you the home of Elisabeth Heier. This place has style! I love everything about it, the simplicity and all the natural textures. Elisabeth has been working very hard to get their space ready for a new bundle of joy (who just arrived last week!) and I’d say they’ve done an amazing job. Please stop by Elisabeth’s blog for inspiration for your home.

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* All photos in this post were taken by Elisabeth Heier specifically for this feature. If you chose to pin or use these images, please make sure you “link with love” and link to Elisabeth’s blog.

Slanted Mansion : On The Shelf

I was recently looking through the studio archives on Slanted Mansion , a blog that showcases the organized chaos of home studio spaces and the artist that work in them. Each weekly post shows snapshots of the interior space as well as an interview with the artist. I’ve found the site to be quite interesting, especially seeing what all different kind of artists keep on their shelves.

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Owner of J'Antiques Tokyo: A Family Home

I’ve had this home saved in my bookmarks for some time now, drawing inspiration for the interiors photographed. As a lover of antiques, this home is like a dreamland, covered with history and story telling. I love how the owner of J’Antiques Tokyo brought his love for antiques from his business into his home so his entire family can enjoy their beauty. Isn’t it just magical?

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