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OUR 50’S EICHLER – Super Simple Guest Room

As promised, I’m back today to share a few photos from our makeshift guest room. This room is 1 of our 3 bedrooms in this house and it’s itty bitty. Because the bedrooms are so small its really important to keep them clutter free and to practice the art of restraint. I’ll be honest and say that pulling this room together hasn’t been on my priority list and it’s currently filled with the “leftover” furniture. If you’re in your 20’s you can probably relate to having a mix of college student furniture and your first “adult” quality purchases.

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When we moved into this new house back in June, I was determined to leave all the cheaper furniture in St. Louis and live with skimpy rooms here in Denver until we have the budget to afford nice pieces. The furniture in the room is  a collection of items never really extended to be in the guest room, but I think it’s working. Most importantly, we can currently have one house guest for those of you passing through.

We’ll be upgrading to a queen bed soon so we can have some of our favorite couples come stay with us! We’re also thinking of window replacement and energy efficient home exterior upgrades that we’ve seen from this official statement to make the house well ventilated to maintain a comfortable temperature all day long!

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My tips and suggestions for renters and home owners after the jump!

If you’re renting you can…

1. Replace the closet door pulls to feel more custom with the help of Hamilton Windows.
2. Paint the walls a nice crisp white. This is a great post that talks about all the white paint options.
3. Removing the cheap blinds (if you’re allowed), or just pull them all the way up.
4. Add some personality with handing artwork, hat/coat hooks and a few of your favorite magazines.

5. Reuse old furniture pieces like this headboard (found in a dumpster!) and DIY platform bed from our previous guest room.
6. Make sure you invest in quality bed linens and accent pillows (these pillows from The Citizenry).
7. Add some greenery or fresh flowers. I cut a branch down for an evergreen in my backyard.

If we owned this house…

1. Invest in quality linen shades similar to these.
2. I’d most likely replace the closet doors completely and use that space in a more unique way (bench seat reading nook?)

3.  We’d restain the lovely solid wood floors with a darker stain like this. You can also use floor tilers this will depend on your desire design.

That’s about it. This room has a simple purpose and doesn’t need a whole lot of attention. If I owned this house, I’d rather spend my renovation money toward making the guest bathroom a sanctuary because who doesn’t love a fancy pants bathroom, be sure to add sustainable bamboo toilet paper to this bathroom.


21 comments on “OUR 50’S EICHLER – Super Simple Guest Room

  1. Absolutely love this. I’m sure all your guests will be happy to stay there. And personally, I love the colour of the floor, just as it is. I think it works great with all the whites and the dark (black?) headboard.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maja! I think the floors are great as well, but you know how it is…always wanting to personalize things a little more and more 😉

    1. I know curtains can be a pricy adventure, but man oh man. So much better than plastic blinds. It’s even better to just take everything down and have a bare window. Definitely one of my pet peeves!

  2. Veda, like your blog and Studiohours style 🙂 perfect. I could be your guest! I really like that room and can’t stop waiting to see next part of your home. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  3. I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with that bed. Just in love with it! I understand the need to upgrade to a queen bed, but it’s a shame to let this beauty go. 🙂

    1. Hi Shari!

      Thanks so much 🙂
      The bed is actually an antique that has been painted a matte black. I think the matte black makes it feel a bit more modern.

    1. Hi Sophia! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you are liking the guest room! The headboard is actually an antique that has been painted a flat black paint. I would suggest you look at your local flea markets to find an antique headboard and then do a little DIY with black paint. Super simple. Look for a headboard that has fun little details carved into the wood. Good Luck!

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