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OUR 50’S EICHLER – Guest Room Inspiration

Dropping by today to share another home “renovation” moodboard as part of the the blog series Our 50’s Eichler. I’ve previously shared this moodboard for our outdoor patio, but haven’t got a chance to photograph that space just yet. I’m hoping to capture it before the weather fully changes to fall!

These images are more about the feel I’d like our guest room to have and less about what’s exactly in the room. I wanted the room to feel super calming and for me, the best way to achieve that is to keep it super simple and clutter free. I’ll be back tomorrow to share the actual space with you. I’ll also be sharing a few tips/suggestions you can use when pulling together a space you don’t own (renters).

I wanted to ask…When it comes to decorating your space on a budget, are there any aspects you really need inspiration for? Let me know!



5 comments on “OUR 50’S EICHLER – Guest Room Inspiration

  1. I’ve seen that before in a picture of one of your space : a pile of books or magazine topped by a plant, a candle or else. And the whole almost becomes a new sculpture of its own. Love it 🙂

  2. My boyfriend and I just moved in to a rental together and the bedroom has been the hardest space for us. We have a big wall to fill, but we’re not big on clutter either. We want some sort of big art or installation that’s either DIY or budget friendly, but so far nothing has pleased both of us.

    Btw, I love the platform bed you DIY’d, linked in your other post. I think that’s next on the list because I sure am tired of the floor.

    1. Large walls are tough. I’d try to place my bed on the largest/longest wall and flank the bed with some fun pendant lights. The lights themselves can be artwork if you are able to find something interesting. Good luck!

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