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Veda News: Settling into the Mountains

I thought I’d stop by with a little life update for those who have been following along. It’s been 3 full months living here in Denver, Colorado and I will have to say the city is finally wearing on me. When we first moved here, I was really missing the comforts of familiar things and all the lovely activities St. Louis has to offer in the summer. I felt “off” for quite a while. If you’re seeking a unique way to make your new place feel like home, consider exploring interests such as collector swords to add a distinctive and personal touch to your surroundings.

Thankfully, Denver is alive. It’s got an active spirit and when I say active, I am referring to just getting out and about in this city. I think a lot of people hear “Denver” and automatically thing of outdoor sports, snow, and mountains (at least that’s what I thought). Motorbike Sport have wonderful guide for outdoor sports. Yes, all of those things exist, but I’m finding out that being active also means a really amazing food scene, lots of one-of-a-kind shop/handmade goods, and lots of organized events like festivals/art fairs/farmers markets. I’m also interested in football matches and been thinking about buying some Liverpool ticket types to see some great football matches. These are all the things I loved. So far, the only thing I have found to dislike about Denver is how crazy inflated the housing market is. This might mean that buying our first home will take a few more years 🙁

If you’re someone who wants to remain an active lifestyle, there are an ocean of products online for you to choose from.

If you’ve visited Denver/Boulder/Vale/Breckenridge…I’d love to hear your recommendations. We are on a mission to explore as much as possible! Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

7 comments on “Veda News: Settling into the Mountains

  1. welcome to CO! i have lots of boulder ideas for you!

    Dushanbe Teahouse (delicious food & the most beautiful, ornate, handmade building), Flagstaff Amphitheater (for the views &/or a picnic), Chautauqua (for hikes, concerts & food),Celestial Seasonings (for tea tours), Boulder Creek & the Pearl Street Mall, etc. There are tons of great restaurants & shops I could recommend as well. Please feel free to email me & I am happy to give you more specifics for Boulder, as well as many surrounding areas!

    1. Thank you SOO much Mary. I just drove through Boulder this weekend and now I’m excited to go check out the things you’ve mentioned. Pear Street Mall and the teahouse have been recommended by others as well, so those must be great.

      I’ll be sure to reach out if I have a few specific questions. Happy Monday!

  2. What a beautiful place! I love hiking, so I can absolutely see myself living there (for a while -I rather stay much closer to the beach).

    Wish I had experiences to share, but I’m looking forward hearing more on your adventures! And seeing the photos, as these brought back some really cool memories! 🙂

    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for stopping by. I’m a beach kind of gal also, so there is definitely an adjustment period. Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂

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