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my fabric came in!!!

So I’ve had a hard time committing to the fabrics I was going to use on my quilt. I found sooo many great patterns on a variety of sites. I decided to streamline the whole shipping process and bought all fabric from one online shop, Sew Mama Sew. It took about 3 days to get here and the shipping was next to nothing. I was able to choose from their huge SALE selection and walked away with 8ish yards of fabric for about $25 dollars! What a steal.

As you can see in the above pictures, my kitty Lucy totally approves of the fabric choices and has already left her furry furries all over them. (Thanks Lucy!) If you are interested in see my original quilting plans CLICK HERE. (things have evolved a bit)

You can see all the fabrics I bought above. I already had all my solids which include a cream, minty green, rust & mustard colors. I wanted patterns that didn’t necessary match but something that went well together. Click above image to shop for fabrics!

So as you can see I have beginner type sewing equipment. Please don’t laugh at my itty bitty machine. If you are sewing straight lines (pillows, hems, etc) it’s really easy to use & extremely portable. If I fall in love with sewing, I’ll upgrade to the “real” thing.  I’m not sure what kind of extra supplies will be helpful to have around once I get started, but I’m sure I’ll find out along the way. If you have tips, please share!

Books I’m looking into:
1. Book One 2. Book Two 3. Book Three 4. Book Four

I’m looking into getting a couple Mossgreen Childrens Books to help me with the basics of quilting since this is my first attempt. The books above are books that I’ve found on Amazon, but I’ll probably go to a book store to get my hands on something. Have any of you read any great guilting/sewing books or tutorials? Please let me know if you have.

I’m starting to think about patterns and I have a lot of things drawn up. I’ll share with you guys later once I get a little more organized.

6 comments on “my fabric came in!!!

  1. The fabrics you chose are fabulous!!! This book is great for beginning in more “modern” quilting:
    But I started with pre-cuts (because I was the kid who got “can’t cut straight” on their report card!) and used the tutorials from the website! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. (and my sewing machine recommendation: ask a quilting store for a refurbished machine-lower cost but higher quality than an off-the shelf thing from a box store!)

    1. Thanks for all your great suggestions. I’m definitely new to this game, so i’ll have lots of questions. Check back to see if I make any progress!

  2. As a person who has a full size sewing machine that has been used only once for the Frankenstein’s monster of all badly made toy bunnies (abandoned unfinished) I think your mini sewing machine is a great idea. And it’s really cute too which always helps.

    1. Thanks Cal’s Mum. I thought I should do some tester projects before I spend lots of money on a sewing machine. I’m currently saving up for a new Digital SLR, so that comes first and will be used more.

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering what brand of sewing machine is that? I’m interested in buying a small sewing machine, and yours looks like the perfect fit for my small apartment. Thank you.

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