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creative blogger award

I was honored to be tagged by another Kristine to receive the Creative Blogger Award. (Ipek also tagged me to receive the One Lovely Blog Award – combined response) I think this is a perfect way to make others aware of all the creativity out there. Here’s how it works: list 10 facts about yourself and then tag 10 other bloggers. Because there are so many of these kind of things going around the blog world I choose to be very specific about what facts to share. I choose to only share little facts about my creative side, since that’s what’s being awarded.

10 Things: My Creative Side

1. As a kid, I was always crafting something or another. I remember lots of beaded projects and doodling.
2. One summer when I was in elementary school, I took a summer drawing class taught by Mark Kistler! Draw, Draw, Draw! (you know…the guy from Imagination Station)
3. I’m much better at communicating things with pictures than I am with words.
4. Through high school I was really big into scrap booking. I documented everything with pictures, stencils, stickers, and lots of bright colored pieces of paper.
5. I started getting into photography my freshmen year of high school. I took a black & white film class and fell in love.
6. Even with an art school background, I am not a very good drawer. I’m much better with the little details and typography. I can draw a mean stick figure.
7. I’m very passionate about color and how color plays a role in our moods. I guess all those hours studying color theory in college made an impact.
8. I took printmaking classes all through college. I would love to someday have my own printing setup in my house!
9. I keep my computer desktop spick and span. I can’t be creative when my “home base” looks like a tornado just ran through.
10. Although my digital design sense if very clean, modern, and all about “white space”, my home interior design sense is warm, cozy, with a touch of history.

Now I’m supposed to tag 10 people.
I know people have busy schedules, so if you can’t get to writing a post like this, I won’t be hurt. If you do…I’d love to see them!
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I hope you all have a chance to stop by these gals blogs. They’ve all been on my daily reads list and I am always in awe with what these gals can pull together. They definitely deserve the Creative Blogger Award.

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8 comments on “creative blogger award

  1. Thanks so much Cassie! I’m so honored! I’ll definitely whip up a post! I am so shy about these awards usually haha But, I’ll go ahead and let you know!

    OMG! I used to scrap book everything too! I have this notebook that was full of scraps of thread, fabric, leaves (yeah what? haha) and tons of magazine cut outs. Also, I am rooting for you in the print making dream!

    Loved to read more about these creative things!


  2. Congratulations on your award, veda — totally well-deserved. Thanks for extending the award to PP! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I enjoyed reading your creative 10, and despite our different backgrounds, I identified with the bulk of of your list!

  3. Thanks a bunch cassie,

    you are lovely. I am loving your blog design so very much.

    I will be back to visit when I have a bit more time on my hands.


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