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a note to you, mother…

Today is YOUR day and even though both your children are hundreds of miles away today, we are thinking of you and all your greatness. I laid in bed last night, while my mind jumped from one memory to the next. What a ride!

Do you remember sitting in the garage at the old house while we watched the thunderstorms roll in? As the storm got worse you would always say, “stay away from the windows!!!”. My brother and I just laughed and continued peering out the windows. To this day I am a storm chaser in my spare time and watch the radar like a hawk.

Do you remember driving home one night and hitting the deer on the country road? That darn deer jumped completely over the car, but left a nice size dent as a reminder. You were terrified and concerned about the van, while we were worried about the deer’s health. Poor deer!

Do you remember sitting at the dinner table and making chain saw sounds with our mouths? Why did we do that? It was the best, and on several occasions I think you peed your pants from laughing so hard.

Do you remember receiving that sewing machine for your birthday? It must of been something you wanted SOOO bad because you sobbed and sobbed.  I think you were happy. I’ll never buy you another sewing machine. hehe

Do you remember fighting with me every morning before grade school about my wardrobe? I like to pretend that never happened and I also like to pretend I’m not stubborn.

These are just a few of the many memories that tend to creep back up around this time of year. Having a collection of memories to recall is one of the best gifts. Thank you mom for implanting these memories into our brains! Enjoy your day and if you get a few hours one day, do you want to go storm chasing with me?

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  1. What a sweet message to your ma. I wish I could say that I had mostly good memories of my mother like you do–this day is truly for the women who not only gave birth as mothers but also were moms 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to your mom!

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