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DIY: succulent planter

One of my favorite things to do is to find an old item and completely transform it into something useful for my home. While out and about collecting inventory for market203 I stumbled across this aluminum round container with a lid and thought it would make the perfect home for my succulents. If you have read THIS post you know I can’t keep plants alive, so lets hope the succulents love the new planter enough to stay with us.

What you’ll need: All I did was buy 5 small succulent plants ($3-$5 each) at varying heights and some cactus soil mix because succulents tend to grow better in this soil mixture. I had a few stones laying around that I would use as drainage and a vintage/old metal container. These tins come in a bunch of different shapes, sizes and colors, so have some fun with it. I chose to only have one container because of limited space, but I could see a few containers being clustered together for a more dramatic effect.

How to assemble: Start by placing a few of the flatter stones at the bottom of the container. This will act as a drainage method so you don’t have to drill holes in the bottom of your pretty container. Next, add a layer of the cactus soil mixture. Then take all the little plants out of their store containers and loosen the roots a bit. Group the plants in the planter in a way you desire and then add another layer of soil on top to hold everything in place. ( I choose the tallest plants to be in the middle) If you have a few extra smaller stones you can scatter these on top to add a little “something something”. Wahla. You have a unique, one of a kind planter.

*succulents don’t need a ton of water and prefer to be completely dry between waterings.

8 comments on “DIY: succulent planter

  1. ooo I love this. I’ve been in love with succulents lately and really want a nice way to display them. Just came across your blog and I am so inspired 🙂


  2. I love succulents! They’re about the only plants we haven’t killed in my house yet – husband has a great green thumb but our house receives no direct sunlight. Our jade is the only thing flourishing. Le sigh.

    I love the DIY project too, looks great!

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