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sneak peek: market203 inventory!

Today was the first Saturday thrift/antique mall run where I felt like I could start making product purchases for market203. Up until now I had been doing my research and collecting resource imagery of the items I wish to find. I took that list with me with prices written on them, prices I’d be willing to pay and the price I’d be selling it for. This image resource was extremely useful and make me feel like I was purchasing things smart and I walked out feeling like the trip was a success.

I’ll always remember this day. The day that market203 stock started to pile up in my loft, room 203.

14 comments on “sneak peek: market203 inventory!

  1. This is so exciting! I love the products in those photos–especially that pink/teel/gold beauty! That image resource list is genius and I can’t wait to see the shop when it’s up 🙂

  2. Gorgeous product photos! This sounds like such a fun new adventure. I especially love the glass bottles. When my parents moved into their current house (10 yrs ago) they found an old glass beer bottle while they were doing some remodeling.. it dates back to around 1890 when the house was built.. so cool!

  3. Wow. What great finds. I’ve said it before, but I am really excited for you to open your shop. Consider some of my money bookmarked for market 203 for when you do get it running!

  4. Lovely inventory, so excited to see your shop when it’s up!

    By the way, I collected a bajillion little jars/glasses/vases for my wedding last year that are now just sitting on my porch, lonely and sad. I have maybe 30-4o pieces. Would you have any interest in these? If so I can find a way to ship them to you…just let me know, I added my email to this comment 🙂

  5. That gold-and-pink box (box?) is divine – and that little filing-cabinet-esque set of drawers…i wonder what they’re intended use is?

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