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from Scandinavia… with love

Me and Scandinavian interior spaces/homes are starting to have a love affair. There hasn’t been a space that I’ve come across recently that I haven’t just adored. I love the minimalistic approach to design, where the details are brought out with bright eye-catching colors. All the essentials are there and all the fluff is eliminated. The spaces feel uncluttered, simple, yet extremely homey with that lived in feeling. Who couldn’t love that?

I bet you guys are starting to wonder why I post about interior spaces all the time. Truth is I love interiors, interior design, space design, styling, or maybe I was some great stylist in another life. Or maybe I just love it because it’s pretty. Whatever it is…it’s here to stay, so I hope you approve.

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7 comments on “from Scandinavia… with love

  1. I think most of your readers will admire these spaces. Giving them a sneak peak into different interiors will inspire them, I guarantee it. It inspires me. For some reason I like the white floors here!

  2. I can definitely see where the love affair is steming from. These spaces are gorgeous, and I would love to live in any one of these homes! I love these posts- keep em coming!

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