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Yummo on a plate

Last night I made dinner. If you know anything about me, this rarely happens and when it does, it’s super simple. I’ve been pinning really yummy looking recipes on pinterest and I finally had  a little extra time to try one. It’s still simple with “picky eater” ingredients, but hey…it didn’t come from a box.

If you interested in getting the recipe, stop by for this yummo Spaghettic with Sauteed Chicken and Grape Tomato recipe. Of course I put my little spin on things because I watch the food network and feel like I know how to “wing it” 😉

Stop by my pinterest boards and see what other yummy goodies I’m going to make. (warning/ I pin a lot of sugary things)

8 comments on “Yummo on a plate

  1. You never know where you will find your next inspiration. Who would think that you would get inspiration from a Food Blogger, cool…..

    Your Photography is spot on, LOVE THIS!

  2. This looks so very tasty. I’m sure it was! Nice plating technique too!

    I always try to mimic ‘master chef’ with my plating technique. I always feel like it’s a fail.

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