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Rebranding Discovery No.2

Here I am again, blabbing about my personal discoveries. I hope that by sharing my experiences during the rebranding process, that I’ll be able to provide insights to other designers going through the same thing. It’s a scary thing, people.

I’ve been talking a lot about gathering inspiration because I have found this part of the process to be the most rewarding and beneficial to discovering personal style. I’m able to see the big picture, visually, and use that as a guide for the next steps.

Discovery No. 2: My personal design style & my personal “clothing & home” style are polar opposites.
Now you can see how this can be a troubling/confusing thing to discover. For months now I’ve been so torn about what images to include in the rebranding mood board. Do I pin the perfectly neutral natural home photos or the bold graphic images with lots of gray and overlapping textures? I’ve discovered that cassie as a person who wears certain clothes and buys certain furniture pieces prefers her home and wardrobe to be cozy, comfortable, natural, neutral, & simple. (examples here & here)

On the other hand, her design style is drastically different. The designer in her chooses a neutral base to start with (black, white, gray) and then layers color and texture on top (Examples here & here). The colors found in her design work don’t usually show up in her wardrobe or home.

ODD! So odd to me. I think it comes down to expressing both sides of my personality without giving anything up in the process. In my home I’m able to elaborate on the handmade details, the natural materials, and the cozy comfy surroundings. My wardrobe mimics that style. This is very comfortable for me. It’s really easy. The other side of me likes to step outside of the box and present something unexpected. My design side takes advantage of this trait quite often. I think it’s an interesting combination.

Has anyone else discovered this about themselves? Seems like an odd combination to me, but then again…I’m a rare duck.

7 comments on “Rebranding Discovery No.2

  1. I’ve been going through the same process and this is so interesting! I’ve always thought my style and taste needs to be consistent throughout…but now you have me reconsidering! Most of all I just feel like my style changes all the time so it’s so hard to nail down a specific direction. That’s the challenge! So excited to see what you come up with! 🙂

  2. At first I read this as your home and personal style are different…which was shocking! I find people to dress like their homes, or decorate similar to their closet contents. What you did mean however is understandable. My art aesthetic never reflected how I dressed/decorated…it was just about what was happening in my head haha (which maybe even scarier? I don’t know =) ).

  3. I think many folks discover that their heir personal style does not match their creative style. I’m glad you now see it!
    It’s fun working with companies that need to stay relevant, the greatest brands in the world are consistently updating to stay fresh, because of this a designer can get out of their comfort zone, and explore a different angle than you would choose if you we’re designing for yourself.

    Can’t wait to see this new re-brand!

  4. First – hi! I really enjoy your blog – been meaning to start commenting! I’m not a designer but actually, the two sides of your image above pretty much encapsulate the two dueling styles when it comes to my home style. My ideal wardrobe style is much more like the bottom and your fashion pinboard. But my home style lately has been a constant back and forth. I LOVE your branding pinboard! I’m glad to know other people like more than one style too – specifically the two styles featured above!

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