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Lesson Learned: 2012 Recap

2012 was the year I had originally planned on taking on Freelance Projects full-time and letting my day job at the advertising agency go. Things never go as planned, and a whole year later I’m still working 8-6 every day at the agency and taking on freelance projects in the evenings and weekends. It’s exhausting!!!!

Fortunately I’ve been able to still gain a lot of valuable information along the way, so I’ve decided to do a little recap of my “Freelance Journey: Lesson Learned” feature that appeared this year on the blog. I’ve really enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned along the way and I hope you’ve been able to find little nuggets of info too.

Lessons Learned(ing):
1. research before you leap
2. attend Blog Brunch
3. don’t call your client a moron
4. it’s ok to be unmotivated
5. list making saves lives
6. it’s ok to take a break from blogging
7. don’t hoard clients
8. pros and cons of communication through email
9. definition of a “sick” day
10. the ins and outs of font licensing
11. frankenstein rounds of revisions
12. the importance of a business card
13. it’s ok to feel uncomfortable
14. competition is good (maybe)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the series and if there is anything in particular you’ve been curious about when it comes to the life of a freelancer. Let me know 🙂

6 comments on “Lesson Learned: 2012 Recap

  1. Thanks for this! I’m going to go through all of those posts now. I had planned to take the leap too but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to do it this year 😉


  2. This is all great stuff! Thank you so much for your advice, it’s so thoughtful. I hope too to make some progress towards becoming more independent.
    I always have issues with figuring pricing, no matter how much I research or ask others for advice.

  3. I love this!! 🙂 I’ve been bookmarking your posts for when I set out on my own freelance journey, so thank you! Also, I love that you’re working toward it and are realistic about it, here, too – lots of bloggers can sometimes make it feel like it’s all rainbows and sunshine and everything goes as dreamed out there, so this is realistic and hopeful. 🙂 Love.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you’ve found this space to be a good resource and I’m really appreciative of the feedback. It’s nice to know that my journey into the world of freelance feels realistic and hopeful. The blogging world can be really competitive, but “everyone is fighting a battle”, every. 🙂

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