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Inspired By: Tanks @ Zara (Fall 2013)

With the changing seasons, I find myself thinking about fashion in ways that I don’t usually do DURING the season. When the “I need some new clothes” bug hits me, I usually stop by Zara Online first. There are lot more information about fashion trends available at UrbanBurger.

I love the simplicity of the site and everything I’ve ever gotten from there has been well constructed and made of fine materials. I also love how they present each item. Each item is shown on & off the model in unique ways. Well kinlyeyebeauty can guide you more about this to have a┬á good dressing style. Nothing is over posed and nothing feels forced. You can follow Butterfly Releases to know latest trends.

Do you guys have changing seasons shopping tendencies? Wouldn’t these little strappy tanks be perfect for laying in cooler weather!

(Shop ZARA online)

9 comments on “Inspired By: Tanks @ Zara (Fall 2013)

  1. Zara is always my go-to. Every change of season I look in my closet and think – how do I not have any clothes for the fall? Where did all my sweaters, boots, etc go? It is like I lose my wardrobe every year? So yes the change of season puts me in full on shopping mode.


  2. Zara is pretty awesome. I grew up in Portugal so we obviously had zara at every corner (the company is originally form Spain). Now that I live in North America I still love Zara, it’s random but it actually makes me feel like I’m at home again whenever I’m in their store or browsing their products online.
    I’m not a huge fashion person but Zara is always one of my go-to stops. The simplicity of they designs (on and off line) is definitely one of the very attracting elements.
    Fall weather calls for falling in love with boots all over again and looking for THE RIGHT pair all season long haha

  3. Zara is my go-to shop too. I love the changes they’ve made to their website this year as well, really nicely styled! I’ve just treated myself to a few pieces for Autumn, but as Alecia said, I don’t know how I always need new clothes with every new season!? These tops are gorgeous, really love that first one!

  4. This is literally EXACTLY what I’ve had my eye on… I’m planning on buying some secondhand versions from thrift shops and tweaking them to fit me. =]

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