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Studio Hours: Our Wedding Place Settings

Wedding update! Projects are being checked off the list! I’m sitting here in a Kansas city coffee shop on a business trip, but wanted to stop by and share our wedding place settings.

Aside from the invitation, figuring out what the table settings are going to look like at our wedding is a whole other debacle. Like most things I do, I’ve taken on hand selecting (thrifting) each and every items that will go on the tables. I know crazy. I do however love the attachment you get to items you’ve hunted down and I can only image that aspect will make our wedding day that much more magical.

Basically the settings are simple. One white plate, one antique plate, one fork, one knife, I amber colored glass, one napkin, and one sprig of rosemary.

You can keep reading for details about each item.

1. Antique plates – thrifted at a local St. Louis antique mall. Slowly gathering enough for 55 guests.

2. Amber colored glasses – another slow process of collecting enough for 55

3. Hand made linen napkins – with frayed edges for a little rustic charm

4. Fresh cut rosemary – our receptionvenue has lots of potted rosemary, so we are just continuing the hand picked theme to the tables

5. Wooden candle sticks – still need to find skinny candles, from the best scented candles you can find online for this.

6. Brass Candle Stands – should I spray paint these a hammered silver?

7. Door knob photo stands – See DIY post

8. Lace Table runners – for “family table” only

9. Blue Glass Water Jugs – recycled white wine bottles

10. Massive driftwood centerpieces (not pictured ) – like these

11. Overhead lighting (not pictured ) – See DIY postย 

18 comments on “Studio Hours: Our Wedding Place Settings

  1. That’s crazy but so extra-special, just make sure you have a table setting for every guest :p
    I’m assuming you guys will be driving? (I actually have no idea how far it is) I could not imagine taking all those dishes on a plane!

  2. these settings are beautiful. so clean and simple. I’m currently in the middle of helping my sister plan her wedding, and these have provided a much needed dose of inspiration. your style is fantastic – I’m sure your wedding will be gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. this wedding is going to be so beautiful and so YOU – hand-selecting each object will be worth all the time in the end! we used rosemary on the table as well, it was a last minute addition that really added something natural and special to the settings. and i’m in love with those amber glasses!

    1. Hi Maggie. Thanks for stopping by. Aren’t those amber glasses something else?! I’m still on the hunt for a few more to make sure there is enough, but I love them to death…especially the knobby ones.

  4. Waoh. You got yourself into the biggest project of your life with that ! And watch out, cause you’re so good at it, people might start to call you to take care of their wedding ! That would be an unexpected change of business right ? Haha.

    1. Funny you say that. My fiancรฉ JUST mentioned that the other day. Unfortunately I don’t think I have enough passion to pursue it as a career!

  5. Cassie – This is gorgeous! When we got married I bought all the flower vases from second hand shops and little touches like that do make the whole experience that much more magical as you said… it was such a treat seeing the vases at my friend’s houses when I went home this time. Will you keep every thing afterwards?

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