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Inspired By: Daniel Barbera Furniture Design

Falling in love with a furniture brand doesn’t happen a lot for me. Usually I’m able to knit pick out of a particular piece of furniture or “claim” that I could make it myself (which I usually can NOT). When I stumbled upon Daniel Barbera’s work, I was awestruck at how perfect each piece was and how I wouldn’t want to alter his pieces in any way. They are just stunning, although there are other options online, which offer resale furniture with great features as well which you can use for your home or your office.

I think what I love most about his work are the really simple pairings of materials (like wood and bronze) and the overall structures don’t have any additional frills, but are such statement pieces. Not to mention all the pieces are beautifully photographed in a lovely grainy way! ¬†You can view more of his work at this link ( Also, if you love behind the scenes type shots as much as I do – view behind the shoot here.

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