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In Their Home // Weekday Carnival

I’ve got a magical home tour for you for today’s “In Their Home” feature. I stumbled upon Riikka’s blog, Weekday Carnival, a week or so again and when it happened, I was clicking through the archives with my mouth open in awe. She a photographer living in Ireland who has taken a few years “off” from her day job to be a stay at home mom. Her daily mission is to capture the lives of her growing children and capture the moments of every day life. Scenes from her home make many appearances on her blog and I love it all. Her style is spot on and the pops of color throughout her space bring life to every room. Enjoy! (Sorry. I went a little picture heavy, but its was all too good!)

Stop by her blog to learn/see more or visit her shop.

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Sibella Court: A cozy home

This fall, I got my Design Sponge book in the mail (see the DesignSpong Sneak Peek)and I’ve been reading through it slowly, soaking up all the little details. Within the book, Sibella Court’s home was featured and OMG…love. Seeing her space in the book drove me to look her up on the internet. Great stuff, people…everywhere. This chick is awesome!

Sibella seems to be an extreme collector and it’s refreshing to see how she displays these collections in her home. She also has a storefront in sunny Australia. (jealous) Both spaces are extremely unique with unexpected combinations of color and objects. Hope you enjoy her as much as I have.

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In Their Home // Old Brand New

This week’s “In Their Home” features the home of Dabito, a Los Angeles native currently living in the downtown area. His home is a mix of really classic vintage pieces, bold pops of color, lots of daylight,  and  unique clusters of items. He’s a master of many trades (collector, photographer, barber, blogger, printmaker, and graphic designer) and his home is definitely a reflection of that. I’ve been able to draw lots of inspiration from his vignettes of collections. Hope you find something inspiring as well!

Stop by his blog to learn/see more or visit his print shop.

Previous Features:
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from Scandinavia… with love

Me and Scandinavian interior spaces/homes are starting to have a love affair. There hasn’t been a space that I’ve come across recently that I haven’t just adored. I love the minimalistic approach to design, where the details are brought out with bright eye-catching colors. All the essentials are there and all the fluff is eliminated. The spaces feel uncluttered, simple, yet extremely homey with that lived in feeling. Who couldn’t love that?

I bet you guys are starting to wonder why I post about interior spaces all the time. Truth is I love interiors, interior design, space design, styling, or maybe I was some great stylist in another life. Or maybe I just love it because it’s pretty. Whatever it is…it’s here to stay, so I hope you approve.

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In Their Home // Annaleena Karlsson

Welcome to a new feature post here on The Veda House called “In Their Home”.  As a blogger I am constantly on the hunt for things that inspire me and interior spaces is on the list of top 5 inspiring things to look at. On most days I stumbled across a really great interior space and most likely there is a creative soul residing within. I know there are blogs out that that mainly post about creatives in their workspaces (and I LOVE those), but I’m more interested in where those creatives get away from their work.

I’m going to post one of these features once a week and hopefully their spaces will inspire your nest. If you know of any home that I MUST SEE, please let me know.

*Warning…I’m a lover of danish modern and scandinavian design aesthetics, so you’ll most likely see a lot of homes in this style. I’m also a big fan of rustic detailing, classic furniture names, minimalism, and a little bit of whimsy along the way (odd combination right?) 


This first home belongs to Annaleena Karlsson, a blogger, interiors photographer, DIY crafter, and home owner. Her blog is place where she frequently showcases her own work as well as spaces that are inspiring to her.  Her home is all about the small details. Nothing is overlooked.

* all photos in this post were taken from Annaleena’s blog and were photographed by her. Click any image to be redirected to her blog!