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recreate it / 20

Today’s RECREATE IT comes from one of my favorite + new magazines out there, Wayfare. They’re a travel magazine, which obviously helps satisfy the little travel bug in me … for now. Here’s the thing about their spreads : alignment is spot on.

Often times, you’ll find that they use their strong imagery to help guide where type sits on the page. In this case, they fit their spread’s paragraph in the crook of the centered chair, which makes everything a little off kilter and perfect. In my example, you can see that I used the pole to left align my text, and then vertically centered the two lines between what was above and below them. There’s always little hints here and there to help you decide where to place text, you just have to look!

wayfare / quicksand / photo / breanna rose



recreate it / 19

Here is a spread from the latest RUE magazine that caught my eye. But why?? Key word : multiply. See how the right image of water is sort of translucent over the right image? Well, it’s not exactly opacity we’re dealing with here. Have you ever tried setting layers of images in photoshop to “multiply?” You can get some pretty neat effects from doing so, just try! The colors evolve in all sorts of new ways!!

rue magazine / bauer bodoni / franklin gothic / photo one / photo two / breanna rose



recreate it / 18

I thought this spread from Ink Magazine was intensely cool. Focusing on shaking things up with repetition + typography, aren’t we!? Sure, the designer could have simply had “Mikkat Market” centered on the right side with plenty of white space. But you know what? They didn’t! A little fun was thrown in … I mean, how often do you see a full page of repeated text like this?

I had a blast with my example of typography repetition on the bottom and decided to take it a step further by overlapping my text on top of the image. It added a little extra dimension for kicks. Go have fun and repeat things like crazy, folks!

Ink Magazine / photograph / knockout / blogged by breanna rose



recreate it / 17

I wanted to take a look at the latest lookbook for Ruche, which is absolutely gorgeous. There is no text in this book, so photography is key for communication in this case … but guess what? They handled it so well. One of the most interesting parts I found was the placement of imagery. In most cases, they would have a zoomed out view of an outfit on one side, with a matching photograph on the other. Now, this matching photograph could either be a detailed shot or an image that’s completely different, but share similar colors. Try it out sometime! Mixing and matching can be completely refreshing + fun to do.

ruche lookbook / anette schive / breanna rose



recreate it / 16

This week’s Recreate It is from the wonderful Refueled Magazine, which has two of my favorite things : full spread photography + justified text ( justification not shown in this post, though ). One thing that Refueled does well is keeping typography cohesive. In their latest issue, any type that is layered on top of a photograph is opaque. Not only that, but they have this cool grunge effect going on. If you’re not 100% sure about whiting out text on top of imagery, just remember that there’s always that translucent option!!

Refueled Magazine / photograph / steelfish font / breanna rose



recreate it / 15

Hey everyone! I changed up the “look” of recreate it to be more in line with the look of The Veda House. What do you think?? I also took a risk these week pulling from Air BNB’s latest infographics by Kelli Anderson as a layout type instead of a magazine. I have a feeling I’ll be doing more of that in the future, so watch out!!

The infographics by Kellie are hands down amazing (click to see more). Because she was working with type + shapes, she decided to make things interesting by using texture and layering, which is where my helpful hint of the day comes into play. When layering in photoshop, set colorful shape layers to “multiply.” This is how you get the translucent + saturated look. And as an added bonus, I’ve included a FREE texture for you all to use!! Click here to download. The texture is saved as a transparent PNG file, with the texture being white. It’s hard to see … but it’s there! Enjoy + stop over at moxee for Cassie’s post this week.




recreate it / 14

Hey everyone, Bre here with another week of recreate it!! I got really excited when I saw the spreads in Pony Anarchy, because not only are they photo heavy, but the designer makes all of the pages connect by cohesive design. You see how all of the imagery has rounded corners up there … it’s cool + different, huh?!

There may be several colors going on, but that grid becomes like one solid piece of art work when done this way. One of my favorite parts about blogging ( nerd alert ) is taking different imagery and putting it together. You have to mix & match, see what’s right, and put your own spin on it. Rounded corners make this piece work like a charm. I’m digging it!!

Have you missed a week of recreate it?? Click here to scroll through the archives or visit moxee to see Cassie’s take on things.

Pony Anarchy / marie hochhaus / droid serif / breanna rose



recreate it / 13

One thing that I truly admire about RUE is just how bright + fun it always is. You just know that with Bri Emery behind the scenes, you’re going to get some fun spreads and color. This miniature house shoot was by far my favorite part of their January issue, that I instantly knew I needed to share it. But what really made me extra excited about this spread were the quirky parts. The text is slanted, opaque, and titled just so. Then, there’s the tiny scribble to the left, just cause … it all works!

I know I forget this all the time – but it’s okay to go outside of the box. Often we get stuck in ruts and become repetitive. This just shows you that fun looks good. So why not give it a try, huh!?

And of course, don’t forget to check out Cassie’s post over on moxee!! She’s mixing things up this week.

rue / photos / helvetica neue lt pro / breanna rose




recreate it / 12

Okay, I know this is the most intense recreate it post to date, since there’s a whole bunch of black + red typography going on, but I couldn’t help it. I came across this amazingly awesome swiss inspired spread in Platinum Love Magazine and instantly new I had to write about it.

Back when I was in design school, one of my favorite things to learn about was the history of SWISS design. I remember staring at all the bold work and falling in love each and every time … my true love lies within typography forever and always.

So, despite the images above being intense, look at how well the type is laid out, layered just so and true to Swiss form. By using clean and modern san serif fonts, paired with bold colors ( usually white, black, and red ), you too can come up with your own little swiss inspired design! Have at it.

platinum love magazine / alte haas grotesk (free!) / poster / breanna rose




recreate it / 11

Lonny is no doubt a wonderful online magazine and one of the most well known out there. I was paging through their most recent issue and fell in love with this spread. So often, you’ll see magazines simply cut out images for a collection, which is totally fine. However, I really do love that lonny took the time to lay out everything in the form of an image. It looks completely cohesive!!

On top of that, they added a fancy pants font, memoriam pro, to the mix. I fell in love with this one while working with it on a client project not too long ago!! And finally, the image on the bottom is from an amazing website called Things Organized Neatly. There’s a stream of photos that are laid out and fun to look at – which is definitely something you should give a look. Enjoy + don’t forget to stop by moxee for cassie’s post!

lonny / Things Organized Neatly / memoriam pro / breanna rose