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Studio Hours: Wedding Update

Hi Guys. The one month countdown to wedding week has officially begin. This time next month, I’ll be packing my bags for a whirlwind of a month and couldn’t be more excited. These past few weeks have been spent pulling together the finer details of the event, such as buying clothing for the honeymoon in Tulum Mexico, scheduling salon appointments and making final DJ playlist selections. I’m getting really antsy!!!!

One of the projects I’ve been toying with for months now is making natural fabric dyes to create beach flags for the ceremony. I got the idea fr

href=”” target=”_blank”>photoshooton the Green Wedding Shoes website. The flags are dyed using the natural pigments found in yellow onion skins. Its the combination of amount of time in the dye and amount of water that gets the color to range from yellow, to peach, to pink. Lots of experimenting to get just the right colors.

If you’re interested in making your own natural plant based dyes, this is the resource I used.


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11 comments on “Studio Hours: Wedding Update

  1. Whoa, one month! that went by fast and I’m only following along through the blog. I bet those flags will look dreamy on the beach!

  2. REALLY pretty! I can’t wait to see.

    I think there’s a mistake in the link for the photo-shoot in this post. It looks weird to me. Just letting you know. =]

  3. If you need a different shade of yellow, try turmeric. (I did a science project in junior high about natural dye… I have to say beet was my favorite.) Best of luck to you during this final countdown to your wedding. Enjoy it!

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