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Veda House – FAQ Answers (Pt. 2)


Photo by: Veda House

Happy Friday everyone! I couldn’t be more excited for this weekend as it’s supposed to be nice and warm here in Denver. The mister, the pup and I have big plans to go hiking and get some much needed fresh air. For today’s post I wanted to share the second batch of reader questions & my answers. A couple months ago I shared part 1 – Read FAQ Part 1. 


Reader Question: As a creative, did you ever face a moment of deciding between a safer, more financially stable path and an option that would give you more creative freedom but also be more risky? (Read How I Got My Start in the Creative Industry)
Answer: Most certainly. I worked at an advertising agency as a Digital Art Director for almost 4 years. During that last year, I debated starting my own company time and time again, but was always paralyzed by fear. Fear of the unknown and fear that I would be making an irreversible decision. It was also convenient and easy to just stay put.

Now that I’m running my own company the allure of a stable salary, health insurance package, and paid time off sounds appealing sometimes. Usually this is when I’m making scary changes to my business or taking a big leap of faith.

The grass is always seems greener right?

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Reader Question: How do you go about setting your daily schedule? (I’m going to write a whole post on organizing my time)
Answer: My day-to-day schedule varies so much, but I’m always relying on Google calendar to keep me organized. Before the day starts, I block out sections of time to dedicate to very specific tasks – meetings, working sessions, showering, errands, etc. I used to use the simple pen and paper list of to-do’s but I found that “eating lunch” or “walking the dog” never made it onto the list ant then those important items were neglected. Now EVERYTHING I do during the day makes it into my Google calendar.

Reader Question: How do you set a minimum hour working agreement with your retainer clients? (Read this post about Workflow Balance and How Retainer Clients Can Help)
Answer: This can be tricky until you get into a groove. I would suggest using your first month as a tester month to see how many hours you’ll need to dedicate to that clients needs. This will give you the best estimate when you create the official working agreement.

If you’re someone who is adding a retainer client to an already busy schedule, you need to be honest with yourself and set a very specific amount of time to your new retainer client. You don’t want to “just fit it in” to your schedule, but really create a schedule that will allow for a bit of wiggle room.

I have found that 30 hours a month per retainer client to by my perfect number. This basically means that ¼ of my month is dedicated to that project/client and the remaining ¾ of the month can be spent exploring other projects. I thrive when there is variety in what I’m doing.


Reader Question: What camera do you use and what would you recommend for bloggers? (This is a great post about camera gear for bloggers)
Answer: I have two camera bodies and a few different go-to lenses.

Canon Mark 5D iii (used as my primary camera body)
Canon Rebel T2i (used as my backup camera body or second shooter)
Canon 50mm f1.4 lens (use for more detailed shot or portraits)
Canon 35mm f1.4 lens (used for interior shots, landscapes, or portraits)
Sigma 24mm f 1.8 lens (used most for outdoor landscapes or portraits)


Reader Question: Would you be interested in collaborating with me or doing a guest post on my blog?
Answer: For sure! I’d love to talk more about how you envision us collaborating together. Getting to work with other creatives and companies I admire is what keeps me inspired. Don’t hesitate to email me!

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